Save up to 50% on your AWS bill

Create your own private AWS region on the GIG cloud

GIG and AppScale have teamed up to deliver an independent, AWS-compatible hybrid cloud solution. Deploy and scale your AWS workloads by leveraging AppScale on top of the GIG Cloud. GIG and AppScale are providing customers who have embraced AWS technology with a hybrid solution that ensures choice, data control and cost-effectiveness.

Why GIG - Cloud as a Service?

👍  Public Cloud experience on your own hardware in any location.

👍  Cloud as a Service: GIG takes care of the installation and 2nd-day operations.

👍  Standardised redundant hardware setup combined with redundant software configuration for high availability through redundancy and self-healing management software.

👍  Metered multi-tenant cloud resources allow for easy third party billing.

Why AppScale?

👍  High-fidelity AWS API compatibility, proven at scale.

👍  Independent from Amazon.

👍  Create your own AWS region without any code modification.

👍  An ideal solution for companies who have already invested in AWS.

Why GIG Cloud + AppScale?

👍. Combining the advantages of both platforms.

👍. Independent AWS Hybrid Cloud Solution.

👍. Significant Cost Savings vs AWS (up to 50%).

👍. Increased control by placing data & compute in specific locations.

Disclaimer: Neither GIG nor AppScale are affiliated in any way with Amazon or Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).