Critical App Performance


Current situation

Business users and company employees want their data and applications to be available anytime and everywhere in the world, placing demands on existing centralized IT solutions already suffering from complexity caused by legacy architectures which are driving up costs and extending the time it takes to bring solutions to market. The solution is to move to a decentralized model supported through the edge cloud.

Where is the real challenge for DWP?

At DWP we help to solve common problems customers are facing with the provisioning of applications, endpoints and operating systems for business use. Customers are constantly asking for help in the implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) and CYOD (choose your own device). Current technologies and approaches are not able to support BYOD and CYOD effectively due to high cost and complexity of implementation. Problems encountered by our customers with legacy implementations include:

  • Applications mostly require a sign-on process for every device or 2-factor authentication, resulting in a high amount of helpdesk support requests

  • Endpoints pose a potential data security risk and thus potentially exposes companies to the risk of being in breach of GDPR legislation

  • The cost of traditional Citrix based environments are exponentially rising

  • Traditional solutions requires continuous management and auditing of endpoints

How does GIG and DWP solve this problem?

GIG and DWP were able to solve the problem, to one hand to GIG who enables the automated and scalable deployment of the portal appliances used by DWP and the standard applications run through DWP, at any location, and on the other hand through increasing the level of performance of DWP services.

Together, GIG and DWP are able to offer a solution that enables applications and data to be accessible through a single HTML5 based user portal. The solution covers several different use cases and deploys all the traditional policy controls such as restrictions per user per application per file per location per device. The solution offers:

  • The same user experience on any device and OS (operating system), on any cloud using any connectivity. The internet is only the carrier, making VPN (virtual private network) and WLAN (wireless local area network) investments obsolete

  • Real BYOD and CYOD policy making endpoint management solutions no longer a hard requirement, since devices can remain unmanaged

  • Single sign-on and simple device independent 2-factor authentication

  • GDPR compliance as endpoints retain a zero data footprint

GIG and DWP offer a global scalable, automatically deployable, cost effective, end user workspace that meets the end user expectations of the future: the same experience, any device, any time, any connectivity, anywhere, secure by design!

Rob Meulenberg
DWP Partner