Deployment Automation


GIG Play changes the way IT and DevOps teams deploy infrastructure and applications by introducing an industry standard automation framework to deploy and manage applications. This enables teams to take advantage of a powerful set of tools that rapidly deploys applications and dramatically decrease time to market.



For DevOps & IT Generalists

GIG Play introduces plugins allowing DevOps teams to take advantage of industry standard tools, such as Terraform and Ansible, to create standard application stacks.

Moreover, GIG Play helps IT generalists to deploy applications on infrastructure at any location with just a few clicks using a set of pre-defined stacks. This process removes the delay and complexity associated in application owners requesting support from infrastructure teams.

This new way of working reduces application deployment times and removes the need for shadow IT, resulting in a faster go to market and reduced costs.


GIG Play’s key differentiators



Enabling application deployment with a few clicks, removing the infrastructure complexity. IT generalists can deploy applications in any location on infrastructure at the edge.



Cloud as code, enables DevOps to quickly start working, without having to wait for infrastructure operations. This removes the hidden cost of shadow IT which increases time to value.



Integrators have direct access to an automation framework, which allows user interfaces or plugins, like Terraform and Ansible, to access the advance functionality of our platform via an API.



We offer services to onboard new customers, that are not familiar with automation tools, allowing them to automate and migrate application deployments at any location at the edge.