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Digital Identity Management (

In order to access a certain G8 to deploy cloud workloads, you first need to have your digital identity created.
As a new user need, you need to go to and create your login ( appreviated as IYO).

In order to :

  • Save the time of the user and make it practical in case of he has access to multiple G8's.
  • Avoid using different logins for same user.

We implemented a single central access management platform named where you create your login for first time ( with Dual factor authentication).
This gives the user, the power of utilizing the same login to access multiple G8's. registeration example

1- Log into and click (Register) button

2- The first page to provide the personal information.

  • Name/Last name
  • Emaill
  • Mobie number
  • Password

3- Second registeration page where you need to verify authorization code sent to your mobile number.

  • After successful validation.

4- Third registeration page for Email verification.

Now after the IYO account got successfully created, once you login to a G8 URL it will auto direct you to page to complete the login verification then it will redirect you back to the G8 page.

Best practise.

Since uses dual factor authentication with each login ( password + SMS code verification).
We recommend that after fist successful login to using SMS code, is to go settings tab by clicking the gear sign and under security section to add an Authentication application such as Google Authenticator.

This lets you easily login starting from second time without the need to wait for SMS code which can get delayed due to GSM carrier. meanwhile authenticator application is more reliable and faster. documentation

The full documentation for can be found in following page. documentation link API documentation

The full API documentation for can be found in following page.

API Documentation link

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