6. Cloud units and billing

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Capacity units used for billing :

  • CU or a compute unit
  • SU or a storage unit
  • TU or a transaction unit
  • NU or a network unit
  • VCU or virtual cpu unit
  • MU or memory unit
  • PIU or public IP Address unit
  • WU or Windows unit

Compute Unit (CU)

Type: Allocation

Definition: 1 VM with 4GB of memory and 2 virtual CPU's.
CU's are calculated per VM, per Cloudspace, per Account and per G8 towards the upper value of the memory / virtual CPU combination.
CU = max(memory in GB/ 4 , vcpus / 2)

Virtual CPU Unit (VCU)

Type : Allocation
Definition: 1 virtual cpu in a VM equals to 1 VCU

Memory Unit (MU)

Type : Allocation
Definition: 1 MU equals to 1GiB of allocated memory

Examples for CU/VCU/MU

Resource typeMemoryvCPUsCUsMUsVCUs
VM4 GB1141
VM3 GB2132
VM4 GB2142
VM5 GB21.2552
VM4 GB31.543
CS with 3 VMs3 x 5 GB84158

Storage Unit (SU)

Type: Allocation
Definition: 1 TB of allocated vdisk capacity
Example: Calculate number of SUs for a VM with 1 boot disk and 1 datadisk

bootdisk sizedatadisk sizeSU
12 GB512 GB(12+512)/1024 = 0.52 SU

Transaction Unit (TU)

Type: Allocation
Definition: 400 allocated IOPS
Example: Calculate SU for a VM with 1 boot disk and 1 datadisk

bootdisk limitdatadisk sizeTU
2000 IOPS10000 IOPS(2000+12000)/400 = 35 TU

Public IP Address Units (PIU)

Type: Allocation
Definition: 1 assigned public IP Address equals to 1 PIU

Windows Units (WU)

Type: Allocation
Definition: Each deployed VM with a Windows image it's CU count as WU

Network Unit (NU)

Type: Consumption
Definition: 1 TB consumed traffic from & towards the virtual firewall or external IP address on a VM

Data retention policy

The billing records are kept per Account for the last 3 months.

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