2. Identity And Access Management

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User access rights are defined on three levels:

  • Account level
  • Cloudspace level
  • VM level

Types of user privileges:

  • Read (R)
  • Write (W)
  • Admin (A)

A user with certain privileges on an Account has the same access rights on the Cloudspaces within this Account. A user with certain privileges on a Cloudspace has the same access rights on all VMs on this Cloudspace.

Account level

Create/Delete Accounts--+
Enable/Disable Accounts--+
Create/Delete Cloudspaces--+
Grant/revoke user privileges *--+
Update Account capacity parameters--+
Update Cloudspace capacity parameters--+
Create/Delete Images--+

* User privileges on the Account level

Cloudspace level

Create/Delete VMs-++
Grant/revoke user privileges *--+
Move VM to another Cloudspace--+

* User privileges on the Cloudspace level

VM level

Create VM Disks-++
Detach Disks from VMs-++
Take snapshot-++
Grant/revoke user privileges *--+
Start/Stop VM-++

* User privileges on the VM level

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