4. Virtual Machine

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A Virtual Machine (VM) is a virtual server in GIG Edge Cloud used for running applications.
A VM is created inside a Cloudspace and is deleted if the Cloudspace is deleted.
Prior to creation, the user can choose the VM parameters:

  • Number of virtual CPU cores (vCPUS)
  • Memory size
  • Boot disk size
  • Data disk size
  • Image

All the parameters can be scaled on-demand after the VM creation. Port forwards and data disks can be added to the VM after creation.

Boot Disk

A VM, by default, has a Boot Disk where the OS is running. Boot Disks are served by a resource pool that is optimized for storage re-use. Only one Boot Disk can be present on a VM. Boot Disks cannot be attached or detached. A Boot Disk is deleted only when its VM is deleted.

Data Disk

One or several Data Disks can be attached to a VM. Data Disks are served by a resource pool that is optimized for high performance.
It is recommended to store application data on Data Disks. Data Disks can be detached and attached again to another VM on the same Account.
When creating a new Data Disk you can specify:

  • Disk Size
    Note: The aggregated size of all Data Disks and Boot Disks of the Cloudspace/Account cannot exceed corresponding limits.
  • Max IOPS
    Note: Disk IOPS cannot exceed the Account limit or the Cloudspace limit.


Running VMs can be accessed via console on User Portal or Admin Portal.

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