Generic Usable Cloud Units

Our cloud units are so flexible it allows you to build any required workload. Going from a small environment for couple of virtual machines to a 10 petabyte archive.

Generic Cloud Platform

Our racks instantly provide IT infrastructure produced as cloud units. Combining cloud units provide you with scale-out capacity for storage, compute and performance.

This allows you to build your own Amazon cloud.

  • Our hyperconverged racks provision has both fast storage and dense compute capacity for heavy IT production workloads.
  • Our units are agnostic to used technology, you can use this to provison high performance virtual machines, secure virtual datacenters or desktops. All is possible.

1 rack would deliver

  • 2,189 Compute Units
  • 1,512 Storage Units
  • 9,626 Transaction units

Which corresponds to

  • 8,400 net usable GB memory
  • 2,100 logical CPU cores
    • 1,400,000 passmark performance
  • 1.5 Petabyte Ultra Reliable Netto Usable Storage
  • 50TB Ultra High Performance SSD Capacity
  • redundant 56 gbit/sec internal network backplane
  • 1,000,000 IOPs (IO Operations Per Second)

Comparison To Standard clouds

  • at least 10x more IO Operations (IOPS) per virtual machine
  • unlimited snapshots, you can go back in time for any of your virtual disks
  • secure virtual private datacenters
  • self healing automation framework
  • dedicated CPU Capacity

Archive Use Case: 10 Petabyte Archive System

This compares to capacity needed for

  • 3,500,000 DVD movies
  • 5,000,000,000 high definition pictures
  • many thousands of hours high definition surveillance camera storage.

this system would deliver you

  • 10,000 Storage Units
  • 720 Compute Units
  • 17,000 Transaction units

Which corresponds to

  • 10 Petabyte Ultra Reliable Netto Usable Storage
  • 200 TB/hour processing performance (for big data manipulations)

This system only requires

  • 2 kwatt to operate
  • 10 hours per month to manage (which is orders of magnitude less)
  • 40m2 solar panels if you want to go 100% green

Comparison To Any Standard Archive System

  • 100% self healing
  • extremely reliable
  • protection against bitrot (data corruption gets auto-recovered)

High Performance Storage System

We can fit 5 petabyte of netto high performance storage in a single rack.

  • Petabyte archive building block, no limits to scalability
  • Power-friendly, extreem low electrivity requirement
  • Self-healing and regenarating storage
  • Simplified interfaces, standard fileserver
  • Digital preservation is possible for 30+ years


  • 5 PB
  • NAS & SAN Interface
  • Redundant 56 Gbit/sec ethernet
  • 5,000 MB/sec ingest speed
  • 4,000,000 IOPs (IO Operations Per Second)
  • Rack mountable system