Why the Edge is the future


“The agility of cloud computing is great – but it simply isn’t enough (..)” This is what was predicted by Gartner in 2017 and now, we can’t do more than totally agree with him. But how is GIG Technology positioning in this scenario?

GIG Technology develops a software that deploys a disruptive and distributed Edge Cloud, delivering software building blocks to partners all over the world that operate Edge Clouds and distributed storage platforms, lowering the costs by delivering cloud and storage infrastructure to the Edge. This means that any application can be deployed in the Edge to run as close as possible to the end-users, with a result in low-latency and high performance. But what really “Edge” mean?

  • Easy to consume Incredible fast cloud experience where you want it

  • Distributed cloud Application workloads can run anywhere, instantly

  • Genius software Enables a new form of plenty, endless scalability

  • Echo storage Data redundancy as data echoes across nodes

The secret ingredient here is the word “distributed”: at GIG.Tech Our mission is to consistently grow our distributed cloud into more and more locations.

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