The (Edge) cloud upon Europe


Probably it will be the first and last time you hear from a person to be excited to talk about cloud, but that’s exactly our current mood!

At GIG.Tech, together with our Swiss based Datacenter, we are proud to officially announce that after months of hard work and challenges we can finally claim one of the largest independent Storage Platforms in Europe, which is part of a 100 Petabyte grid, that will soon be ready to provide S3 Storage, Colocation and Edge Cloud solutions to the European market.  Just to give an idea of the range of this project:

    - we are talking about a capacity of more than 1 million IPhones from 64GB
    - we are based in the most neutral and safe country in Europe, where confidentiality and  
precision are innate
    - we allow end users to store data as close as possible to them, avoiding big US giants
We are finally talking about Edge Cloud, right here and right now.
Stay tuned, the best has yet to come.

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Paola Ghezzi
Marketing Manager GIG Technology
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