Infrastructure as Code


The GIG G8 is cloud native software-defined infrastructure that allows customers to use industry standard automation tools to deploy both public and private clouds at any location. The cloud native nature of our platform enables cloud service providers to pay only for what they use, eliminating the need for upfront software investments.



For Enterprises and Cloud Providers 

In a world where the Internet of Things, big data analytics, machine learning and connected cars require real-time and scalable compute and storage resources, location becomes critical.

Big centralized clouds are not ideal to handle the growing demand for a new kind of infrastructure service. Applications need to be delivered in close proximity of the end users, avoiding latency and bandwidth constraints.

At GIG we developed a world's first software-defined platform enabling the Edge Cloud to run at any location and within the core network of an Enterprise or telecom operator. This results in a cost-effective delivery of infrastructure with an optimal user experience.


GIG G8’s key differentiators



Each customer gets a fully automated virtual data center, deployed in few seconds, keeping customers’ data isolated and invisible to the others.

quality of service

Quality of Service

The cloud native infrastructure allows Quality of Service on multiple layers, enabling cloud service providers to guarantee the best performance for each application.



Customers can automate the provisioning and management of cloud resources using standard automation tools, eliminating human errors.



The system automatically moves data between different storage tiers, enabling cloud service providers to cut storage costs and improve performance.


Self Healing

Our cloud native infrastructure is able to identify system issues and make the necessary adjustments to resolve them without human intervention.


Erasure Code

With erasure coding, data is encoded into data and parity fragments and distributed across many nodes, which improves reliability and reduces costs.



The G8 has security built in by design, allowing maximum security through the deployment of secure infrastructure and auditing of all actions taken on the platform.


Network Virtualization

When deploying a virtual data center each customer gets its own virtualized network infrastructure, ensuring multi-tenancy and security.