It as energy

IT equals Energy

Energy was the primary driver for the industrial revolution(s). We believe that IT Capacity will be the energy source that drives the next industrial revolution - hence IT = Energy.

Today the reliance on IT for our businesses and society is as important as electricity. Like electricity, we believe IT capacity should be local, always available and transparently priced for everyone. Also like any other energy source, it is important that our IT capacity should be produced in a green environmentally-friendly way.

We believe IT capacity should be generated and consumed on local grid networks - just like electricity.

IT as Energy

Our racks produce raw capacity in the form of compute, storage and transaction building blocks that combine to run any IT workload. These so-called “cloud units” operate similarly to kilowatts of electricity - in the sense that they can be dynamically allocated to our customers as needed.

Green IT Globe’s IT as Energy! concept allows transparent pricing and trading of IT capacity similar to electricity - enabling much more efficient utilization to keep up with exponential demand.