GIG Tech

Connecting the Dots to The Edge

GIG believes in a neutral and local Internet that is accessible by anyone and anywhere in the world - at a fair price. Less than 10 companies control 90% of the cloud and Internet services. The computer industry shifts back from centralized computing providing an alternative to cloud computing, with less power consumption, more performance and reliability, at a disruptive cost.

GIG embraces the global shift to the Edge using open-source technologies as a foundation for a secure, scalable and 100% self-healing Internet platform, build from the outside in, residing at the Edge of the networks.

We have founded GIG in 2015 after having built a couple of rock-solid tech companies and turning them into rockstars in the last 15 years. Today we signed various partnerships to enable The Edge with new infrastructure in many parts of the world.

Help us to connect the dots, everywhere!

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