Public and Private Cloud


GIG offers an unparallel experience for both public and private clouds, enabling end users and DevOps to deploy applications at any location without compromise. We offer our cloud at prices unmatched by other cloud providers and together with the time savings achieved through our automation, allows end users and DevOps to achieve significant costs savings.



For DevOps and it generalists

Today, several organizations are challenged with rethinking their IT infrastructure that will allow flexibility, agility and frictionless consumption whilst controlling costs. Using public and private cloud helps solve some of these challenges, but at same time, introduces new complexity. DevOps teams have to manage the deployment of applications in multiple cloud environments, which introduces delays impacting overall time to market.

GIG enables organizations to close the gap between clouds, whilst enabling DevOps teams to create application stacks that can be deployed, in an automated way, removing human errors and creating reusable deployment code, thus allowing the business to create an agile DevOps environment.

An agile, integrated DevOps environment, allows businesses to empower IT generalists and application owners to use predefined application stacks and deploy them with only a few clicks at any location. In turn, companies can deploy applications at the edge, closer to the end user, reducing latency and improving productivity.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a trend in industry automation, that introduces distributed machine learning and data analysis that allows distributed decision making at the source. Today's centralized clouds force customers to transfer substantial amounts of data, collected at the edge, to a central location via IOT gateways. Central analysis of data can be time consuming, resulting in delayed results, which is contrary to industry 4.0 principles.

GIG offers the possibility to deploy a fully automated edge cloud system on the premises that can react in real time to sensor data, allowing the transition to Industry 4.0 and the concept of "smart factories". Data can be processed and analyzed quickly, as close as possible to the source of the data, allowing real-time decision making and increasing responsiveness, proactiveness, and avoiding unnecessary delays.



The GIG platform API allows DevOps teams to use automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible, to create standard application stacks that will enable teams to self provisioning and to scale on demand, quickly and easily. Our platform is designed to boost efficiency, enabling quicker go to market and thereby increasing revenues and profits.



GIG provides a fully multi tenant secure virtual data center experience, out of the box, that enables the deployment of virtual infrastructure, in any location, with only a few clicks. Cloud usage can be retrieved through our platform API allowing the easy billing of consumed cloud capacity.