What they say about us



“GIG Technology now also available in Italy: will it be the new RedHat of the Cloud Platforms?”

(IT Ware | 22.11.18)


"an ambitious business idea in a world controlled by giants"

 (Data Manager Online, 26.11.18)

“In a not far away future, data centers will no longer be able to respond to market demands.”

(Inno3 | 28.11.18) 


“GIG Technology provides the platform to store and process data for instant results and automates application deployment anywhere in the world, through Edge Cloud at the lowest cost points.”

(PBS | 23.11.18)


“A European software company 
specialized to help customers 
scale their digital infrastructure 
at the Edge”

(Channelbiz | 23.11.18)

“Being the first Edge Cloud solution on the market, GIG Technology combines the best of breeds to manage data and applications as close as possible to end users.”

(Solo Tablet | 22.11.18)


“GIG Technology developed a unique platform that solves multiple use cases for Edge and Cloud in a single solution.”

BitMAT | 26.11.18)

“GIG Technology conquers
Edge Cloud"


“GIG Technology develops a platform for Edge Cloud”

(BitMAT | 26.11.18) 


“GIG Technology offers innovative automation tools

that allow to cut costs and increase business profit,

eliminating security risks and Shadow IT.”

(digitalVoice | 27.11.18)