Building Blocks

IT capacity building blocks that combine to run any workload.

Storage Units

Our storage units scale to multi-Petabyte digital archives at extremely low cost.

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Transaction Units

Our transaction units power high performance applications - one rack starts at 1,000,000 IOPS

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Compute Units

Our compute units run complex IT processes extremely efficiently - minimizing leakage and waste

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IT as Energy is about making IT a true commodity. Green IT Globe takes a disruptive approach through elimination, simplification and using tech innovations.

Eliminate Complexity and Obsolete IT Layers

Green IT Globe eliminates 90% of all IT layers, replacing them with new algoritms closer to hardware and directly into the network, making your IT extremely reliable and scalable.

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Better Usage Of Hardware Capabilities

Green IT Globe optimizes the use of new hardware capabilities: 56 GbE network, remote data memory access (RDMA), flash SSD, latest generation CPU. Resulting in more performance at a lower cost.

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Edge Network

Our cloud units are generated near end users, minimising latency and access costs resulting in an excellent end user experience.

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Lowest Energy Consumption

Running our unique algorithms in combination with eliminating IT layers results in 10x power savings. Get immediate access to your IT capacity with an absolute minimal need for power.

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What it does

Archives, blockchains, databases, dockers, virtual datacenters and servers. Cloud units can be combined to run any IT workload in an secure, reliable and scalable manner.


IT as Energy takes a fundamental different approach in providing reliable, scalable and secure IT that requires a lot of capacity and performance.

Lowest TCO

The all-in and long-term cost is merely 80% less than any other solution from eliminating integrated technology layers and freeing up your resources to do IT innovation.

Ultra-Scalable IT

No need to add more expensive hardware to scale capacity or performance. We support you with efficient use of hardware and flexible scale-out of your petabyte+ archives.

Self-Healing IT

Cloud units are software defined with self healing capabilities. Our algorithms detect and prevent possible failures and regenerate your IT workloads on the fly.

Complete Control

You own and control 100% of the technology stack which is developed in Europe, with zero dependency on third party technologies. No vulnerability to breaches and backdoors.

About us

Green IT Globe is the result of 15 years of innovating in cloud and datacenter space, see Incubaid. Founded by Kristof de Spiegeleer and a group of technology entrepreneurs that share the vision of generating IT as Energy. We brought together disruptive technologies that remove all complexity and cost for delivering scalable, secure and reliable IT.