cloud as a service

your on premises cloud service provider is a Belgian on premises cloud service provider. 

Our economically priced model is pay per use. No hidden costs, no unexpected bills. 

We allow you to take care of your company and your customers while we do the heavy cloud lifting. private cloud

Ever heard of a fully managed private cloud as a service? Well, you’ve found it now. We give you the agility, data control and return on investment you can only dream of.
And the best part? No hassle for you and your operational team! 


Yes, exactly: anywhere.

As a service

We've got your back. We are doing the operations for you!


Fully redundant, 4 9's, multi tenant, public cloud experience with metering, rating, iac, ...

Data control

Your data is on your own hardware so you're in control.


Our pricing is way lower than you'd expect and you only pay what you use. Win win!

Network control

Latency & bandwidth under your complete control.

Complete solution

Backup, multi cloud, migration, distaster recovery etc.
We've got you covered!


Get started now. We can get your cloud going before you know it!

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Cloud as a Service


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Cloud as a Service

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