Although the brand has been floating around for a while we have never made the move to phase out the brand as the name that we use to promote our products.

Time has changed. is the name we already use for a while in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has picked up some press coverage and we arranged some events with that name.

Basically is the new brand we are going to use in the global market for private- and public cloud services. will still legally be used for administration and other purposes but out in the wild will be the brand name for offering our services. And yes, probably the name will still popup somewhere once and a while 🙂

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Press releases
Mohamed Kasem

New features in Cloud Cloud has just received another update and it comes packed with a number of new and exciting features. What’s special about this update is

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Iain Statham


Last month Jeroen Van Langenhove joined to strengthen our sales forces and develop’s Go 2 Market. Jeroen brings 20 years of datacenter, connectivity

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